Volume & Issue: Volume 10, Issue 4, October 2023, Pages 1-94 

Short communication

Anti-Hyperuricemic and Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitory Effects of Pogostemon cablin (Blanco) Benth.

Pages 1-4


Bui Thanh Tung*; Do Thi Hong Khanh; Nguyen Thi Thuy; Trinh Mai Phuong; Nguyen Thi Minh Anh

Evaluation of Sedative and Hypnotic Effects and Acute Toxicity of Paeonia daurica subsp. macrophylla (Albov) D.Y.Hong Root Extracts in Mice

Pages 5-8


Hamid Reza Monsef-Esfahani; Armin Rafizadeh; Paria Sharafi-Badr; Mohammad Sharifzadeh; Mahdi Vazirian; Seyede Nargess Sadati Lamardi*

Original paper

Introducing Estrogen Metabolism as the Main Target of Wedelia chinensis in Prostate Cancer Cells

Pages 9-15


Vahid Mansouri; Mahmood Khodadoost*; Reza Mahmoud Robati; Zahra Razzaghi; Mitra Rezaei

Herbal Diet and the Impact of Nutrition on Lipogenic Activity, a System Biology Study

Pages 43-50


Mostafa Rezaei Tavirani; Reza Mohamoud Robati*; Alireza Ahmadzadeh; Mohammad Rostami Nejad

Evaluation of Acute and Subacute Toxicity of Coriander Triphala Tablet in Wistar Rats

Pages 51-61


Sadegh Rajabi; Maliheh Soodi; Fatemeh Jafari; Fatemeh Ghorbannejad; Homa Hajimehdipoor*

Considerable Effects of Caffeinated Coffee on Mouse Liver Function

Pages 63-69


Mostafa Rezaei Tavirani; Babak Arjmand; Mahmood Khodadoost*; Zahra Razzaghi

Himalayan Blackberry (Rubus discolor) Leaves and Stems: Phytochemical Analysis, Antioxidant, Antimicrobial and Cytotoxic Activities

Pages 71-80


Saeed Ghasemi; Mehdi Evazalipour; Elaheh Khateri; Meysam Rostampour; Diba Eghbali Koohi; Omid Goudarzvand; Fatemeh Yousefbeyk*