Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 3, July 2016, Pages 1-72 
In vivo wound healing activity of a herbal ointment in rat

Pages 9-16

M. Karami; D. Yazdani; M.R. Jalali Nadoushan; S. Geravand

Total phenolic and flavonoid contents and antioxidant activity of four medicinal plants from Hormozgan province, Iran

Pages 17-26

S. Mohammadi Motamed; S. Bush; S. Hosseini Rouzbahani; S. Karimi; N. Mohammadipour

Phytochemistry and antioxidant activity of Lallemantia iberica aerial parts

Pages 27-34

N. Khosravi Dehaghi; A.R. Gohari; S.S. Sadat-Ebrahimi; H. Naghdi Badi; Y. Amanzadeh

Original paper

Essential oil analysis and antibacterial activity of Ferula assa-foetida L. aerial parts from Neishabour mountains

Pages 35-42

N. Samadi; S. Shahani; H. Akbarzadeh; S. Mohammadi-Motamed; E. Safaripour; F. Farjadmand; M. Eftekhari; H.R. Monsef-Esfahani; M. Khanavi

Hepatoprotective effect of Acantholimon bracteatum (Girard) Boiss. on formaldehyde-induced liver injury in adult male mice

Pages 55-61

E. Nasiri; S. Naserirad; A. Pasdaran Lashgari; R. Gazor; F. Mohammadghasemi; Z. Atrkar Roushan