How can I submit my manuscript to RJP?

For submitting a manuscript to RJP, you should first register to Research Journal of Pharmacognosy and then submit your manuscript through the online submitting system by logging in with your user name and password.

Is publishing with RJP free?

RJP is an open access journal which means that everybody can have access to the content of your manuscript. Though there are no charges for registration or the review process, the publication fee for accepted manuscripts is 4000000 IRR for the Iranian authors and 100 USD for foreign authors. Moreover, 25% discount will be allocated to the corresponding authors who are members of the Iranian Society of Pharmacognosy.

Will my manuscript be checked for plagiarism?

Yes, your manuscript will be checked by online plagiarism software.

What are the ethical considerations of RJP?

RJP editorial policy is in accordance with code of conduct and best practices by COPE. RJP follows the declaration of Helsinki (2013) regarding researches involving humans. For animal or human studies, adequate statistics must be presented and the details of approvals of the research ethical committee including the code and date of approval should be indicated in the experimental section. The letter of approval of the Ethics Committee should also be uploaded during online submission in case of human studies. More information could be found in Ethical Considerations.

Who gains the copyright of my manuscript?

The articles published in RJP are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. The copyright of the articles retains to the authors and authors are free to reproduce and disseminate their work.

What kind of manuscript will be published in RJP?

RJP will publish Letter to editor, short communications, case reports, original papers and reviews. More information could be found in guide for authors.

How should I prepare my manuscript?

You are recommended to check the guide for authors before preparing their manuscripts.

How many reviewers will review my manuscript?

At least two referees who are expert in the fields related to the subject will review the manuscripts. In special cases more reviewers will comment about a manuscript.

Why did my manuscript receive a fast reject?

If a manuscript is scientifically week or just contains primary data, is out of the aim and scope of the journal, contains plagiarism, or bears poor English writing, it will not be considered for further processing and will be rejected within a week.

How is the review process?

The corresponding authors of the manuscripts which have gone through the review process will be informed about the primary decision about their manuscripts within an average time of two months. If the manuscript is rejected by the referees, the authors will be informed about the decision; while, the corresponding authors will be asked for a revision in case the referees have suggested doing so. The corresponding authors will then have two weeks’ time for revision. Sometimes the referees are not satisfied or the corresponding authors have not answered or revised the issues. In this case the review process will take even more time (sending the manuscripts back to the authors and asking for fulfilling the revisions). By the time the revision is satisfying to the reviewers (or if the manuscripts have been marked as accepted by the referees in the primary review), the manuscripts will be sent for editing process.

How long does the review process take?

The average time from submitting till the galley proof is sent for the authors (accepted manuscripts) will be about 2-4 months depending on how the above steps have been gone through.

What should I do when my manuscript is accepted?

You will be asked to check the galley proof of your manuscript and send it back along with the signed declarations statement (by each author) and the payment receipt.

Who can I contact in case I have more questions?

You can go to Contact us page or:

Call: +9821 88773523 ext. 422 or:

Send a direct email to the Editor in Chief at: mhmoghadam@sbmu.ac.ir.