Volume & Issue: Volume 1, Issue 2, April 2014 


In memory of Dr. Farzaneh Naghibi (1965-2014)

Pages 1-2

The Iranian Society of Pharmacognosy

Evaluation of thermal-stress on the accumulation of podophyllotoxin in shoot in vitro cultures of Linum persicum

Pages 3-9

H. Bamfarahnak; A. Gholami; Z. Bakzadeh Bakzadeh; A. Hamedi; A. Mohagheghzadeh

Monoterpene synthase from Dracocephalum kotschyi and SPME-GC-MS analysis of its aroma profile

Pages 11-21

S. Saeidnia; Z. Sepehrizadeh; A.R. Gohari; G. Amin; A. Manayi; A. Hadjiakhoondi

Cytotoxic effects of selective species of Caryophyllaceae in Iran

Pages 29-32

F. Naghibi; M. Irani; A. Hassanpour; A. Pirani; M. Hamzeloo-Moghadam

Anticonvulsant activity of Astragalus squarrosus Bunge

Pages 45-49

H. Shafaroodi; H.R. Zareie; J. Asgarpanah