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Bacteriostatic and Haemolytic Activities of Extracts and Compounds of Commiphora swynnertonii

Volume 10, Issue 2, April 2023, Pages 47-56


Zaituni Msengwa*; David Credo; Magesa Mafuru; James Mwesongo; Faith Philemon Mabiki; Beda John Mwang’onde; Madundo Mkumbukwa Mtambo; Lughano Jeremy Kusiluka; Robinson Hammerthon Mdegela; John Elmerdahl Olsen

Use of Medicinal Plants and Its Association with Health Literacy in the General Population of Iran During the COVID-19 Pandemy: a Web-Based Cross-Sectional Survey

Volume 10, Issue 1, January 2023, Pages 31-40


Farid Dabaghian; Maryam Hasanpour; Saman Maroufizadeh; Mohammad Hossein Joulani; Mahnaz Khanavi*

Evaluation of some medicinal plants effect on Rhodamine 123 accumulation and efflux in Caco-2 cell line by flowcytometry

Volume 4, Supplement, November 2017, Pages 40-40

S.N. Sadati Lamardi*; N. Golbashirzadeh; M.R. Shams Ardekani; G. Amin; S.N. Ostad

Total phenolic and flavonoid contents and antioxidant activity of four medicinal plants from Hormozgan province, Iran

Volume 3, Issue 3, July 2016, Pages 17-26

S. Mohammadi Motamed; S. Bush; S. Hosseini Rouzbahani; S. Karimi; N. Mohammadipour