Author = Manayi, Azadeh
Enhancement of Antibiotic Activity and Reversal of Resistance in Clinically Isolated Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus by Trachyspermum ammi Essential Oil

Volume 6, Issue 1, January 2019, Pages 1-10

Mahdi Vazirian; Khadijeh Hamidian; Mehrzad Noorollah; Azadeh Manayi; Nasrin Samadi*

Determination of Scientific Name of Bitter “Qust”: an Important Controversial Plant Source in the Iranian Medicinal Plants Market for Neurological Complications

Volume 5, Issue 4, October 2018, Pages 25-32

Nastaran Ebadi; Sahar Bagheri; Azadeh Manayi; Tayebeh Toliyat; Sima Sadrai; Malihe Tabarrai; Zahra Niktabe; Mehran Mirabzadeh Ardakani*