Author = Z. Tofighi
Isolation and identification of compounds from toxic fractions of Cuminum cyminum extract

Volume 4, Supplement, November 2017, Pages 5-5

M.J. Tabatabaei; F. Shemirani; S. Tavakoli; M. Mofasseri; S. Goodarzi*; Z. Tofighi

Hexane fraction of roots and ethyl acetate fraction of fruits of Astrodaucus persicus extract showed potent antimalarial and cytotoxic activities

Volume 4, Supplement, November 2017, Pages 50-50

S. Goodarzi*; Z. Tofighi; P. Asgharian; M. Nateghpour; A. Hadjiakhoondi; A. Motevalli Haghi; J. Mirzaei; R. Marefat

Solubility investigation of ketone and phenol essential oils in water using spectrometry and GC/MS

Volume 4, Supplement, November 2017, Pages 108-108

F. Kahrizi*; B. Khodabandeloo; A. Es-haghi; S. Goodarzi; S. Niknam; A. Hadjiakhondi; Z. Tofighi

Potent anti-nociceptive and anti-inflammatory effects of methanol fraction of Otostegia persica extract and its components

Volume 4, Issue 2, April 2017, Pages 23-29

Z. Tofighi; S.N. Ostad; S. Khezrrahdoost; H. Salehizadeh; N. Yassa

Determination of cardiac glycosides and total phenols in different generations of Securigera securidaca suspension culture

Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2016, Pages 23-31

Z. Tofighi; Ghazi saeidi; A. Hadjiakhoondi; N. Yassa