Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Supplement, Autumn 2017, Pages 1-128 
101. Effects of Berberis vulgaris fractions on PTZ Induced seizure in male rats

Pages 101-101

N. Khosravi Dehaghi*; M. Zeraati; J. Kamali; M. Ghorbani Nohooji; M. Rahimzadeh

103. Protective effect of ginger on diazinon-induced brain toxicity

Pages 103-103

M. Hamzeh; S. Yaghubi Beklar; F. Talebpour Amiri*

106. A review on toxicological properties of thymoquinone a natural broad spectrum ingredient

Pages 106-106

F. Farhadi; Gh. Karimi; H. Mashayekhi-Sardoo*; P. Shoae-Hagh; A. Mashayekhi-Sardoo

108. Solubility investigation of ketone and phenol essential oils in water using spectrometry and GC/MS

Pages 108-108

F. Kahrizi*; B. Khodabandeloo; A. Es-haghi; S. Goodarzi; S. Niknam; A. Hadjiakhondi; Z. Tofighi

110. Microbial quality of commercial rose water products in Fars, Iran

Pages 110-110

Z. Zebarjad; Z. Nazemosadat Arsanjani; M.R. Moein*

111. Effects of dihydropyrano coumarins from Ferulago macrocarpa on VEGF, MMP9, MMP2 and study of binding modes using computational methods

Pages 111-111

S. Gheibi; S. Alipour*; N. Ghiasvand; F. Jafari; S.S. Mirabdali; A. Kiani; Y. Shokoohinia

112. The effects of fatty acids of Nigella sativa seeds on apoptosis and oxidative stress induced by doxorubicin in PC12 cell line as a neuronal model

Pages 112-112

S. Soheili; I. Alikhani*; N. Ghiasvand; F. Jafari; F. Ahmadi; L. Hosseinzdeh; Y. Shokoohinia

115. Anti-toxoplasmosis activity evaluation of Artemisia vulgaris L. extract and its subfractions in vitro and in vivo

Pages 115-115

M. Naderian; M. Zafarian; Z. Nazemosadat Arsanjani; Q. Asgari; M.R. Moein*

116. Chemical composition and antimicrobial evaluation of Achillea aucheri essential oil

Pages 116-116

S. Alizadeh; S. Hallaj-Nezhadi; F. Fathiazad; S. Hamedeyazdan*

119. Investigation of phytochemicals and antioxidant activity of Nepeta ucrainica growing in Iran

Pages 119-119

K. Sardari; A. Delazar; R. Mousavi; F. Heshmati afshar*

120. Evaluation of linoleic acid, eladic acid and palmitic acid for cytotoxicity and anti-inflammatory activities

Pages 120-120

H. Monaghash; N. Ghiasvand; F. Jafari; F. Jalilian; L. Hosseizadeh; Y. Shokoohinia*

121. Chemical composition of two samples of Humulus lupulus flowers (vernalized and wild hops)

Pages 121-121

P. Bajelani; S. Hamedeyazdan; S. Asnaashari; H. Nazemiyeh*

124. Study of analgesic activity of Teucrium polium extract

Pages 124-124

Sh. Khabazi*; S. Sayadi; N. Sistani karampour

125. Optimization of processing parameters for extraction of essential oil from Foeniculum vulgare

Pages 125-125

Gh. Hadian*; M. Tavakolizadeh; M.R. Khoshayand; F. Mojab