Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Supplement, Autumn 2017, Page 1-128 
1. Anti-hemorrhoidal plants in Iranian traditional medicine

Page 76-76

S. Dehdari; H. Hajimehdipoor; S. Esmaeili*; R. Choopani; S.A. Mortazavi

2. Caffeic acid derivative from Clinopodium umbrosum

Page 77-77

M. Esfahanizadeh; S. Hamedeyazdan*; F. Fathiazad

5. Formulation of a poly herbal gel for uterus flux

Page 80-80

M. Rezghi; S. Zakerin; H. Hajimehdipoor*; M. Hamzeloo-Moghadam

6. An herbal formulation for hemorrhoids treatment

Page 81-81

S. Dehdari; H. Hajimehdipoor*; S. Esmaeili; R. Choopani; S.A. Mortazavi

9. Using polysaccharides against cancer

Page 84-84

E. Azarnoosh; B. Ohadi; Z. Yasrebinezhad; M. Vazirian*

14. The effect of collection time on essential oil of Oliveria decumbens Vent.

Page 89-89

M. Eftekhari*; M.R. Shams Ardekani; M. Khanavi; M. Amini

15. Two new tropolonic alkaloids from Colchicum speciosum Steven bulbs

Page 90-90

S. Tayyeb*; S. Nejad Ebrahimi; M.H. Mirjalili; M. Tabefam; M. Hamburger

16. Plants for the management of post hemorrhoidectomy discomforts; Avicenna’s view

Page 91-91

S. Dehdari; H. Hajimehdipoor; S. Esmaeili*; R. Choopani; S.A. Mortazavi

17. The effect of Ocimum basilicum total extract on the development of tolerance to morphine analgesia in male rats

Page 92-92

M. Charkhpour; S. Hamedeyazdan; F. Fathiazad; A. Parvizpur; F. Pourallahvirdy*

19. Lippia citrodora: a review on its phytochemistry and pharmacological activities

Page 94-94

P. Rostamiasrabadi*; Z. Shahpiri; R. Bahrmasoltani; M.H. Farzaei; R. Rahimi

22. Effects of Ferula assa-foetida extract on spermatogenesis of rats

Page 97-97

A. Manayi; F. Aliakbari; A. Hadjiakhondi; S. Omidpanah*

25. Formulation and quality control of a poly herbal tranquilizer syrup

Page 100-100

S. Zakerin; M. Rezghi; M. Hamzeloo-Moghadam*; H. Hajimehdipoor