Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Supplement, Autumn 2017, Pages 1-128 
51. Preparation and characterization of Tribulus terrestris-loaded nanoparticles

Pages 51-51

M. Khanavi*; R. Dinarvand; M. Esfandiari-Manesh; N. Bagheri; A. Manayi; M. Mahmood Abadi

53. Cytotoxic activity of plants from Ardebil province

Pages 53-53

B. Eslami Tehrani; R. Shahrestani; B. Bahmani; M. Mosaddegh; N. Nader*

55. Mechanistic in vitro evaluation of Prosopis farcta roots as an antidiabetic folk medicinal plant

Pages 55-55

S. Feyzmand*; B. Shahbazi; M. Marami; Gh. Bahrami; A. Fattahi; Y. Shokoohinia

57. Effects of Aloe vera (L.) Burm. f. in gingivitis: a review of clinical trials

Pages 57-57

H. Safiaghdam*; V. Oveissi; R. Bahramsoltani; M.H. Farzaei; R. Rahimi

58. Preparation of a topical herbal formulation for hyperpigmentation

Pages 58-58

M. Madadi; S. Ghafari; M. Jahandideh; Z. Hesari; Sh. Fahimi*

60. Development of a honey based tonic syrup for cancer-related fatigue

Pages 60-60

R. Norouzian; S. Ghafari; Gh. Heydarirad; Sh. Fahimi*

62. Molecular docking study of Papaver alkaloids to some alkaloid receptors

Pages 62-62

A. Nofallah; Sh. Hooshmand*; M. Gholami; M. Piri

67. In vitro cholinesterase inhibitory activity of Areca catechu L.

Pages 67-67

M. Saeedi; T. Akbarzadeh; M. Khanavi; M. Vazirian; M.R. Shams Ardekani; K. Babaie*

68. Evaluation of cytotoxic and apoptogenic effects of chlorogenic acid derivatives from Berberis vulgaris fruits on human breast adenocarcinoma cell line

Pages 68-68

E. Ghafourian; M. Kahrarian*; F. Jafari; N. Ghiasvand; F. Jalilian; L. Hosseinzadeh; Y. Shokoohinia

69. Evaluation of cytotoxic and apoptotic effects of linoleic acid from Nigella sativa seeds on human ovary carcinoma cell line

Pages 69-69

F. Taherabadi; M. Kahrarian*; F. Jafari; N. Ghiasvand; F. Ahmadi; L. Hosseinzadeh; Y. Shokoohinia