Author = Irani, M
Number of Articles: 6
2. Cytotoxic activity of plants from East Azarbaijan province, Iran

Volume 4, Supplement, Autumn 2017, Pages 1-1

M. Irani; R. Shahrestani; B. Bahmani; S. Esmaeili; N. Nader*

3. Antimalarial assessment of Viola odorata L. by heme polymerization inhibition method

Volume 4, Supplement, Autumn 2017, Pages 32-32

A. Salimi; S. Esmaeili*; M. Hamzeloo-Moghadam; M. Irani; S. Mohammadi Motamed

4. Neuroprotective activity of Leontice leontopetalum extract against H2O2-stimulated oxidative stress in PC12 cells

Volume 4, Supplement, Autumn 2017, Pages 61-61

S. Sahranavard*; S. Ghafari; M. Irani; B. Eslami Tehrani

5. Cytotoxic activity of some ethnic medicinal plants from southwest of Iran

Volume 3, Issue 1, Winter 2016, Pages 43-47

S. Esmaeili; M. Irani; H. Moazzeni Zehan; B. Keramatian; Z. Tavakoli Harandi; M. Hamzeloo-Moghadam

6. Cytotoxic effects of selective species of Caryophyllaceae in Iran

Volume 1, Issue 2, Spring 2014, Pages 29-32

F. Naghibi; M. Irani; A. Hassanpour; A. Pirani; M. Hamzeloo-Moghadam